Monk: Relieve Stress Today!

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Monk: Relieve Stress Today!

Ever feel so frustrated that you just wanted to break something?  Ever turn to video games as a release, but feel annoyed that your system couldn’t handle them or you lose repeatedly?

No more!

Monk is a stress reliever where the main goal is to splatter angry-looking cartoon monkeys into lots and lots of giblets.  See how quickly you can kill every monkey!  See how many monkeys you can fit on screen simultaneously!  In Monk, YOU make the objectives!

WARNING: If you dislike the notion of clicking cartoon monkeys to explode them in a shower of cartoon giblets, Monk is not for you!  Do not look at the gallery conveniently placed below this warning!



Monk: Starting Out Slowly

They’re slowly spawning.  Maybe we should do something about this.

Monk: Live for the swarm!
We’ve let this go on too long!  Time to do something about it!

Monk: YEE-HAW!
Many digital monkeys had their sprite states altered in the making of this game.

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