Fate and Destiny: StarCraft’s Turn-Based RPG

Download the complete music version! (4.45 Meg)

Download the version without end music! (3.35 Meg)

Fate and Destiny 2.0 Logo


Fate and Destiny is a turn-based RPG for StarCraft: Brood War version 1.14 and later.  It offers two real-time minigames, the labrynthine Magic Maze and an army commanding minigame.

An enemy approaches. Command? Ryo made an offer that archer couldn't refuse. Hah! It's just a renamed Zerg Defiler. What can it do? I TOTALLY deserved that.

Download the complete music version! (4.45 Meg)

Download the version without end music! 3.35 Meg)

Greg’s Contributions

Greg Campbell was responsible for

-Designing and implementing special abilities for each character and for enemies.

-Testing, debugging, and balancing Fate and Destiny.

-Designing the interface.

-Co-authoring about 50% the game’s story, dialog, and cutscenes.

-Refining Nanaki’s F&D engine work.  Greg revised about 20% of the engine.

-Designing and coding the Army Command minigame.

-Documenting F&D’s code.

-Writing about 90% of the game’s manual.

-Game marketing and promotion.

Other Authors and Resources

-Thanks to the Video Game Music Archive for Setzer’s Theme from Square-Enix‘s Final Fantasy VI, and for the Boss Music (Bastard Sword Theme) from Capcom‘s Breath of Fire IV.

-Thanks to Square-Enix for the Final Fantasy VII Click sound.

-A full list is available in the game’s end credits.

  1. Bri
    August 24, 2017 at 1:51 AM

    Hello, im playing your game rn using Remasterd, works fine until the part where Ryo’s party just loses Kato, and cutscenes are going okay but stops triggering after General takes him out to the Garden……. we waited a while and it still wont trigger….

  2. March 20, 2019 at 1:44 PM

    Have you tried saving before the scene and redoing this part with cutscenes off? I never had trouble with this scene in the original Brood War.

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