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Gregory E. Campbell | Game Designer

Technical Skills

Operating Environments
Windows, Mac, Linux/Unix

Programming/Scripting Languages
C++, C#, GECK (Fallout 3 Editor), Java, JavaScript, Lua, HTML, Visual Studio, XML

CVS Version Control, Dropbox, Google Docs, Google Drive, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Project, Microsoft Visio, Solaris iPhone Simulator, Unity3D

PC, Mac, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Android, iOS

Games & Projects
•     9 to 5 (Producer – PC/Mac)
•     Animal Amy’s Adventure (Producer – Android)
•     Awakening of Xeen (Project Lead/Game Master – Pen and Paper)
•     Dungeon Siege III and its DLC (Focus Tester – PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

•     Fallout: New Vegas DLCs (Focus Tester – PC, PS3, Xbox 360)
•     Fate and Destiny RPG (Project Lead – PC, Mac)

•     Food Fight! (Progammer/Designer – PC)
•     Heroes of the Storm (Game Tester – PC/Mac)
•     Mega Man Co-op (Designer – PC)

•     The Metaphysical Revolution (Project Lead/Game Master – Pen and Paper)
•     Monk (Programmer/Designer – PC)

•     The Patient (Designer – Web)
•     Pawns Unleashed (Lua Engineer – iOS)
•     Portal Game Analysis (Designer – Web)

•     PuzzAllure Prototype (Video Game Designer – PC/Mac)
•     Roundhouse (Game Tester – Android, iOS)

Career Highlights

Blizzard Entertainment – Irvine, CA (Contract via Volt) | Aug 2015-Sep 2015
Game Tester
•      Black box tested functionality and balance for Heroes of the Storm (multiplayer) by volunteering for tasks and completing checklists.
•      Reported upon and confirmed the state of bugs (active or fixed) in various Heroes of the Storm game builds using Blizzard’s proprietary bug
        tracking software akin to JIRA.

Victory Point Games – Costa Mesa, CA | Mar 2013-Jun 2013
•      Tested functionality and balance for Roundhouse, an iOS arcade-style combat game about kicking things.
•      Made much-beloved design suggestions on how to improve the interface, balance, enemy AI, and levels.
•      Promoted game as a fun and challenging 1980s-style arcade game by word-of-mouth and public demos.
•      Reported minor/major bugs via extensive free play sessions and meticulous reports sent to the code team.

ParallelPorta – Irvine, CA | May 2012-Jul 2012
Video Game Designer
•      Designed and planned all modes of PuzzAllure, a game about a variety of single-player and multiplayer minigames.
•      Programmed a game prototype using Unity3D, JavaScript, and C#.

Petrol Advertising  Burbank, CA (Contract via the Talener Group) | Mar 2012
Lua Engineer
•      Scripted in Lua for the iOS game Pawns Unleashed, a promotional tie-in game of riddles to Dragon’s Dogma.
•      Implemented the final user interface for the unit select screen and linked this interface with SQL.

•      Performed functionality tests on early builds with the Solaris iPhone Simulator.
•      Used CVS for version control for Pawns Unleashed.

Industry Publications

Gamasutra Game Design Blog | Feb 2015
Featured Blogger
•      Loopy Design Encourages Longer Play Sessions: In short, a dead-end says, ‘Stop!’ while a loop says, ‘Go!’
•      Preferential Treatment Stabilizes Random In-Game Shops: Reduce frustrating random item generation.

Personal Projects

Cherubim | Jun 2014-Present
Project Lead Primary Platforms: PC/Mac/Linux, Secondary Platforms: Wii/PlayStation/Xbox/DS
•      Project Lead for Cherubim (Unity – PC), a cooperative platforming puzzle game (work in progress) similar mechanically to
        The Lost Vikings (PC), Trine (PC/Mac), and The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures (GameCube)
•      Created and maintained the project management plan, asset list, game design document, work log, and marketing plan; scheduled
        meetings; and added and removed people from the project
•      Designed Cherubim‘s levels, characters, game mechanics, and UI.

Portal Series Fan Work | Oct 2012-Dec 2012
Designer – Platforms: Portal & Portal 2 (PC/Mac/Linux)
•      Made a Portal game analysis in Word detailing how Portal‘s puzzle elements interact and why they exist.

•      In Portal 2‘s PTI Editor,
built a 1 player level, “But I Wanna Fall!” emphasizing multiple solutions.

The Metaphysical Revolution | Jul 2010-Jan 2012
Project Lead/Game Master – Platform: Dungeons & Dragons v3.5 (Pen and Paper)
•      Developed a unique campaign setting and story about difficult decisions and the ramifications of industrialized magic.
•      Rebalanced and adapted the aesthetic of Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 monsters and character classes.

Fate and Destiny RPG 2.1 | Oct 2001-Jul 2010
Project Lead – Platform: StarCraft: Brood War v1.14 (PC, Mac)
•      Designed and implemented this combat-focused turn-based RPG in a real-time strategy game engine.
•      Designed and implemented the ruleset, including character classes, enemies, minigames, and interface.
•      Performed white box balance and functionality testing, story writing, proofreading, and marketing.
•      Chris Metzen, Senior Vice President of Blizzard Entertainment, was enthused about Fate and Destiny!
•      Fate and Destiny won first place in’s RPG contest.

Awakening of Xeen | Dec 2005-Sep 2007
Project Lead/Game Master – Platform: Dungeons & Dragons v3.5 (Pen and Paper)
•      Reliably provided weekly content for 20 months via appopriate challenges and a cohesive narrative.
•      Rebalanced and expanded the options of all D&D 3.5 core classes for more fun and balance in this campaign.
•      Designed and implemented levels, story, and characters in an original campaign setting.

Mega Man Co-Op | Jan 2004-Jan 2006
Designer – Platform: PC
•      Designed levels via the in-game editor and text editing for this 1- or a 2 player cooperative shooter/platformer.
•      Black box tested this game for functionality and balance (single player and multiplayer).

Education & Training

Full Sail University | Dec 2014
Game Design, Master of Science
•      As part of a team of 8, created a project management plan and supporting documents (budget, bug report form, change request form,
        issue log form, team member performance assessment form, quality assurance checklist, RACI chart, risk register, scope checklist,
        stakeholder register, and work breakdown structure) for Animal Amy’s Adventure, a tablet platforming game.
•      Game Designer for The Patient (Unity – Web), a 1-player game about audio and exploration for the 2015 Global Game Jam.
        I set the game’s focus on exploration, designed levels, and wrote the postmortem.
•      Producer for 9 to 5 (PC/Mac), a 1 player casual game about office politics for the 2014 Global Game Jam.

Total Immersion (Contract via the Talener Group) | Apr 2012
•      Professionally trained in augmented reality (AR) with D’Fusion Pro.  I scripted a series of animations to play in response to a webcam
        noticing a respective image on paper.

California State University-Fullerton
| Jan 2010

Computer Science, Bachelor of Science

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